Creating Value

Our goal at Reliable Master Craftsmen is to help you build the value of one of your most important assets, your home.  We do this in several ways:

  1. Offering preventative maintenance that helps retain the value of your property and its systems. By maintaining your homes systems in good working order we can keep them operating at peak efficiency and prevent critical failures that can cause catastrophic damage.
  2. Updating the finishes of your home to match current/desirable trends. These include paint colors, wall paper, and textures, flooring, trim, electrical and plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, etc.
  3. Increasing your living area by adding on a room, finishing an attic or basement, moving/removing walls to create an open concept, improve space utilization, or traffic flow.
  4. Improving curb appeal by updating the landscaping and hardscapes and make your front yard appealing and inviting.

All of these types of projects are performed using high quality materials and products, installed by professional craftsmen, at very reasonable rates.

We take great pride in our work and our craftsmen. We strive every day to improve our knowledge of current building practices and our skills at implementing them.  We take training very seriously and take time to teach every employee new skills and make time for them to hone these skills in non-critical situations.

Customer Service

While our craftsmen are are greatest asset, our customers are just as important.  You are our best sales force.  Why? Because we do our best to perform your project in a way that you want to brag to everyone about it, show it off, and tell everyone:

  • How affordable it was,
  • How easy we were to work with,
  • How we listened to what you wanted and made sure that you got it.
  • How we accommodated your schedule, budget, and life style.